I threw away my list.

I’ve always been that funny shaped piece

That never fit quite right

Squeezing myself into spaces

That were always much too tight.

I wondered why I am like this?

Why can’t I just conform?

Shape myself to the walls around me

And mold myself to the norm.

I thought I must be faulty

Surely something has gone wrong

Because I can’t seem to find the place

Where I feel that I truly belong.

Eventually I stopped trying

Because it wasn’t working anyway

I was only ever performing a part

In someone else’s play.

So I threw away my list

Of things that I’ll never be

And instead I decided to sit beneath

The weeping Willow tree.

I thought of how beautiful it was

Watching those branches sway

I felt inclined to pull out my notebook and pen

And let my imagination run away.

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