A Brand New Era.

The edge of the night began to fade into oblivion, performing a disappearing act as it faced the new light of the morning that began to overpower the sky. It was the first day after the long dark of the solstice. The first day that every day would begin to grow a little bit brighter. My skin was taught from bearing the frigid cold but there was something so beautiful about the way that the fresh untouched snow would shimmer effervescently in the light. I felt as though the world had spent so long in the darkness and here we were right in the smack dab center of it all, hanging on the cusp of what was no longer possible, but also what had not yet come into existence. There was no where left to go. There were no more tears left to cry. No more heart aches to succumb to and heart breaks to be felt more deeply than had been for the last thousands of years. All of the dark forgotten corners of this world where neglect had been allowed to creep in were now being brought back out into the light of the day, and into the loving warmth of the new sun. It was a brand new era.
But the world didn’t know it yet.

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