The Sacred Task.

There she was in all her glory
Standing tall as she was fair
Wearing ribbons that seemed to flow
With the movement of her hair.

Her voice was soft and effortless
Like how the wind slips through the trees
As she spoke to reconnect me
With my hearts most sacred dreams.

Her presence was like an ocean
Bottomless depths of space
Of love and understanding
And I swam with her in this place.

She showed me this light within me
Like a candle burning bright
She told me not to be afraid
And never to dim my shining light.

She showed me all of these people
Scattered all across the land
Holding boxes with locks shaped the same
As the key that I held in my hand.

Don’t ever hold your inherent gifts
Hostage from the world
You hold within you a uniqueness
Like radiant precious pearl.

So come swim in this divine ocean
Bask in the warm waters of your heart
Find nourishment for your souls desires
And make this life your own work of art.

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